Your Big Day

More than any day of your life, your wedding day is the day that you want to look your most fabulous, yet remain true to yourself. Even if you don’t usually wear makeup, bend your rule just a little. Makeup that is properly applied will greatly enhance your appearance, particularly in the photographs and video that will be taken that day. This is not a time to have a well-meaning friend or relative do your hair and makeup, unless they are REALLY good. It may cause you more stress and discomfort than you need at this point. You may not want to worry or feel that you might hurt someone’s feelings if you don’t like how you look. Make sure before your wedding day the person who is doing your hair and makeup is going to give you the “Perfect” look that’s right for you.

Additional Items to Bring

  • Decorative bobby pins or clips for members of your wedding party (something that goes well with the jewelry and/or dress color).
  • Powder compact and favorite lipstick, if you prefer a special color.
  • I will provide a touch-up kit of my products free of charge.
  • Pictures of hair or makeup styles you like (optional).