Alternative to Botox- Bridal Beauty Quick Fixes- Orlando Makeup Artist

Here are some ideas we found for you that are an alternative to Botox:


Crows Feet: Trying to get your skin in optimal condition for your wedding day and smooth out a few lines that have accumulated over time?  Some of the more progressive cosmetic manufactures like Lancome, Avon, and Gatineau have come out with products that contain Argireline.  Argireline is a anti wrinkle ingredient from Barcelona, Spain and is considered Botox in a jar.  One of the most popular creams containing Argireline is Elite Serum Rx, this product helps dramatically to reduce lines around the eyes.  Lancome Resolution Wrinkle Concentrate D-Contraxol, Avon Anew Clinical Line & Wrinkle Corrector, and Gatineau DefiLift 3D Face Tensor and DDF Wrinkle Relax are a few other options with the Argireline ingredient in them.



However if you are considering Botox, which is predominately used to flatten the lines on the forehead and around the eyes, it will usually last three to six months, with a much larger price tag.



Puffiness: If one of your concerns is bags around your eyes try this trick we found from Dr. Oz. Get parsley tea bags, make a strong tea, place the tea in a ice tray, put in the freezer to allow the cubes to harden, when ready take one of these in a thin cloth and apply under your eyes.  Make sure to only leave on your eyes for just a short time to avoid irritation.



Dark Circles:  We found the best information from Dr. Oz on how to treat all types of under eye circles. Click Here to visit his page.



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